Creating the best barber brands

Connect with more customers.

We value our barbers because we know they are the very best. We will help enhance your brand to get you connected with more customers.

Build an audience

After we get you a large audience, use the app (if you want). Tag your customers so they will only see your profile. Create your community.

Create a community.

Use our technology platforms to acquire and retain your audience.

No more cash

Accept payments through the app (if you want)

There are
people that need a barber. Let them find you.

Thenear you

Barbers toolkit (Additional Charge)

  • Manage Appointments

    Schedule and manage your appointments

  • Show off your skills

    Upload your best work and show it off to the world. You worked hard to master your craft, now let your future customers see

  • Receive electronic payments

    No more asking your clients to go to an ATM. All of your customers can pay through the app, even if they are not a Quick Cutz customer

  • The best barbers online

    Quick Cutz is a community for the best barbers to showcase their work and gain more clients

  • Track your work progress.

    Track how many leads you are generating from your Quick Cutz account

  • Activity Feed

    Update your customers on any deals/promotions you have available

  • Community

    Have a strong community fighting for social causes.

  • Connect with clients quickly.

    No more hassle on trying to connect with new clients. With our simple interface customers will find you and set an appointment

  • Accountability

    We understand your time is valuable. If a customer misses an appointment you still receive 50% of payment.